Eden Valley has many amenities to provide entertainment and relaxation in the comfort of your private cabin.  Amenities include DVD movies, family games, puzzles, books, magazines, toys, wireless internet, a trail system and more.

Amenities include many games.Get unplugged and visit with family and friends over an old fashioned board, dice or card game.  Just mosey on down to Eden Valley Lodge and pick out a game or two to take to your cabin.  There is NO extra charge.  How about watching a movie on your laptop?  Many guests bring a DVD movie player with them anyway so this is a real plus.  Again, there is no charge.  We do have DVD  players to rent for a small fee.  Walk on down to the Lodge and say hi and pick out a movie or two.  We have a small collection and specialize in family and action movies.  OK... there might be a chick flick or two.

We have a few toys in the Lodge to check out for very young children. Your cabin already has wireless internet, but your key will be given to you at check-in.  If you need something for your kitchen that is not in it, please ask.

Check out our trail system!  We border public lands with more trails.  Your time will run out before you see it all!

Winter travellers with vehicle engine heaters will be pleased to know that there is a GFI receptacle located on the outside of each cabin.  Bring your extension cord.