Grass Fed Natural Beef - Cow & CalfWe raise happy, content, grass-fed natural beef in a natural, non-stressful environment.  Although our cattle are not tame, they are gentle.  Our operation is known as a cow/calf operation and our herd is a mixture of Angus and Hereford.  Grass fed beef has been shown to be leaner and have higher nutritional value than other meats.

Cows eat the grasses which allows sunshine to wildflowers and keeps wildlfire carrier fuels lower.  Shorter grasses allow us to see invasive species so we may better control weeds.  Guests use the woodland trail system and many enjoy seeing the cattle close enough for great pictures.  Most of the calves are born in March and very early April.


We raise most of our own cows.  So, all they know is living here in freedom with fresh water and great feed.  Beef cows generally have their first baby when they are just over two years old.

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Cows in Winter

Registered Guests may take a free ride!

Our cows live in our climate year round -- in winter we feed them.  A favorite activity of some adventurous guests has been to ride along and see our winter cow picnic.  Calves are born in March and April.  Children are delighted to see the large animals up close.

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Calves are born in early spring and weaned at nearly seven months old.

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We run registered Angus bulls bred for gentle disposition, a big beefy build, milk production in their line, live birth weight vs weaning weight and rate of growth as well as other desired traits.

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Our brand is called "Bottle B".  Our brand can only be legally placed on the left rib and we have no physical ear marks.  Robin's grandparents registered the Bottle B brand in 1955.  The original Betcher brand was B2 and used from the late 1880's.  

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