Planning for Oroville Class of 1978 Reunion was fun.Each event is unique.  What kind of event are you interested in discussing?  Do you have an idea of how many guests you wish to invite?  Do you have a specific budget in mind?  Is there a theme or program associated with your event?  How about a color scheme?  We will ask you a list of questions to help you plan your event and help us provide the right kind of services.  Planning early will help save money and stress.

Our Event Planner assists groups with party planning, workshop coordination, activities for children, memorial dinners, reunions, retreats, small wedding planning, as well as corporate banquets.  Each group is unique and because of our small size we have high flexibility to meet special needs.

We ask group coordinators and their other decision makers to come for a free tour of meeting facilities and meet our event and party planner who will conduct a brief needs analysis for the event with group dynamics a main focus, all at no charge.  We will discuss special needs and offer ideas to consider. We are proud of our successful events and relationships and ensure a good fit right from the beginning.  If we feel another facility would be a better choice, we offer alternatives.