Hay stack with Eden Valley Lodge behindGrass and alfalfa-grass hay are grown here.  We put up hay in small rectangular two-string bales weighing between 50 and 80 pounds depending on the location, type of hay and quality of the hay.  In the fields below the cabins and Lodge we grow Piute Orchard grass and Ladak alfalfa which has is a drought tolerant, winter hardy variety that has been available since 1906, one more element of our living history.

Growing Hay

The alfalfa-grass hay is irrigated and the grass hay is dry-land.

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Production Risks

Growing hay has many risks.

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The alfalfa-grass hay is irrigated with a hand-line system developed circa 1970 by Robin's parents.

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Swathing Hay

Hay is cut by a swather with a sickle that moves about two inches so quickly side to side it is a blur to see.

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Baling Hay

We use a small circa 1970's New Holland baler which is pulled behind a tractor and runs off the tractor's PTO.

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Haul & Stack

Equipment used to haul and stack hay includes a 1947 John Deere "G" with an 8-bale grapple, a flat bed trailer pulled by a one-ton pick-up and a hay elevator in the large hay shed.

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