Pioneer Folk Art Collage in Molson Grange Hall.The Okanogan Highlands, in northeastern Washington offer a gold mine of history about early mining, pioneer life and farming of the early 1900's.  In the early 1960's, local residents worked as the History Committee with assistance from a few organizations to develop our first written documentation.  Since then, more Highland Heros (as Robin calls them) have joined the team.  One of the original participants is now Director for the Molson Schoolhouse Museum, Mary Louise Loe.

The late Elsie Johnson was the artist for many of the large collages preserved in the Molson Grange Hall.  Many of these collages were created in the 1960's out of materials Elsie harvested from nature.

Eden Valley Guest Ranch is centrally located in the Okanogan Highlands and offers assistance in planning your adventure to explore our history and culture.

Highland History and Culture Influenced Eden Valley Resort Design

Okanogan Highland's history and culture were important elements in the design and development of Eden Valley Guest Ranch.

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Local Museums

Our local Museums house pioneer history, agriculture and mining. Two museums are nearby in Molson and a few miles away is another in Oroville.  There are six more museums with a bit longer drive.

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Local Host Towns

Our local area of Okanogan Highlands in Northeastern Washington has towns that are still host to residents and visitors as well.  The local culture in these small towns is strong on community with high support for traditional events and programs where all that attend are fed really well.

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Local Ghost Towns

Our local area of Okanogan Highlands, in Northeastern Washington, has numerous ghost towns.  The museums in Molson represent our Highland area and have exhibits from the early 1900's and before including artifacts from and about the Poland China Gold Mine. We have a number of story boards at some of the ghost town sites and more information is available in our many local history books.  Most of our local history books still in print can be purchased at the Molson Schoolhouse Museum in summer or Oroville Pharmacy year round in Oroville, WA.

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Okanogan Highland Homesteads

The Homesteaders came to the north half of Okanogan County in 1900.

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Agriculture -1900 to Present Day

Early agriculture in the Okanogan Highlands was diverse and changed over time with technology, mechanization, markets, demands from World Wars I and II, climate changes and luck.

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