Wood rail corral with hinged metal gate.Eden Valley Guest Ranch has a Horse Hotel designed with horse behavior and ease of use in mind.  We have ten small corrals with ample space between each corral.  This space prevents horses from feeling threatened by other horses or initiating a pecking order establishment with kicking or squealing.  Not only does this design enhance safety, it provides horse owners with an easy night's sleep not worrying about their horse.  In addition it lessens the threat of strange horses sharing illness.  See Trails tab below for where to ride.


Our Horse Hotel corrals have easy swing metal gates and wooden rails.  Gates have a basic chain in the slot closure.  Those with horses that play with latches might wish to tie the gate at night.  Guests must keep corrals clean or we can provide corral cleaning for an additional fee.  Potable water is available.  A compost pile is maintained in the central Horse Hotel area for guest convenience.  There is an old wheelbarrow available and it should be put back near the compost pile when guests are through with it.

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Water & Hay

Water for horses is available year around at the cabin closest to the Horse Hotel.  Guests will need to bring their own hoses, buckets and tools.  We can provide those services, however, there is a fee to cover costs.  In summer when freezing is not a big concern, water is piped to the corrals.  Hay is available upon request at reasonable rates.  Generally we have grass or alfalfa grass hay available.


Trailer Parking

The horse trailer parking area across the lane from the corrals is huge.

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