Fishing rules are regulated by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.  See Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife regulations on the web or pick up a regulations booklet at your sports store.

You can pick up a free regulation booklet or buy your annual license or one for a few days in Oroville or Tonasket, Washington.  These stores also carry fishing supplies and more.

Akins Harvest Foods is on Main Street (Hwy 97) in Oroville, WA at the north end of town. Phone: (509) 476-3651.

Lee Frank's Mercantile is on Main Street in Tonasket, WA. Phone: (509) 486-2105.

You can NOW buy a license in Chesaw! The Chesaw Highland Store sells fishing and hunting licenses and keeps the Regulations booklets on hand for visitor convenience.  They also carry some fishing supplies.  Phone: (509) 485-2999.