Balancing many woodland uses is a goal at Eden Valley.Eden Valley Guest Ranch has woodlands that provide habitat to wildlife, grass and shade for cows, trails for guests and timber for future use.  Maintaining balance for all uses is very important to us.  The health of the timber is always the major concern.  Weather conditions, precipitation, lightning, overly thick tree stands, insect invasions, root rot, fungus and other threats are always under observation.

Our predominant tree species are Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir followed by Western Larch (Tamarack).  We have a couple pet trees (Blue Spruce and Lodge-Pole Pine) that probably started as gifts from birds.  In the damper areas we have Wild Black Birch, Alder, Cottonwood, and Quaking Aspen.


Tree Habitat

Tree habitat depends on aspects of the land, as well as available soil and water.

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Trees Too Close Together

Trees that are too close together are all threatened by many of the problems mentioned above.

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Timber Economics

Many sawmills in northeastern Washington have been closed and probably will never reopen due to experience required, equipment technology changes and costs, transportation costs, government regulatory costs and the restricted timber supply.

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