The Sunrise Beauty at Eden Valley is Always Different

Speed limit on Eden Valley Lane is 10 MPH.  Faster in summer causes gravel to move plus dust while faster in winter causes pot holes and ruts.  Please help us keep our rates lower with slow driving.

A standard cleaning fee will be charged per stay.

Note: Guests leaving their cabins freshly vacuumed (vacuum cleaned out), a clean microwave, range and oven, with garbage to cans near woodshed, no dirty dishes, laundry placed in clean tub, cleaned counters and table, no spills etc. may request this fee be waived.  Our staff thoroughly cleans and sanitizes every cabin. Some take longer than others.

Cottages left in a non-standard state to require more than normal cleaning may be charged more.  Things like excessive mud tracked on carpet, muddy hand prints on white walls, boiled over food on range or mess from the wood stove may require considerable extra staff time. 

Smoking is not allowed in any of the cabins. Chairs and ash cans are provided outside for guests who smoke.  If there is evidence of smoking of any substance in your cottage, you will incur a minimum deep cleaning fee of $500 charged to your resort account.

Daily housekeeping is available for an additional charge.  Cabins must be left in clean condition. All dishes, cookware and kitchen utensils must be washed.

Guest obligations are to:
  • Drive 10 MPH on Eden Valley Lane
  • Leave a clean cabin with no dirty dishes
  • Vacuum and pick-up after themselves
  • Put their garbage in the cans by the woodshed

Call 509-485-4002 for information or reservations.

Rates and policies are subject to change.

All prices are in U.S. currency and are subject to state and local taxes.

ATV's / Off Road Vehicles

ATV's, (including snowmobiles) or other off Road Vehicles are generally allowed on some Eden Valley established roadways and certain trails during certain times of the year.

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Horses & Other Livestock

Horses — Guests may bring horses, mules, donkeys, llamas, goats or other gentle livestock as corrals are available for a nightly charge.


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Pets: Dogs & Crated Pets

Dogs — Trained dogs and crated pets are allowed in a few cabins with a nightly charge and a few policies.

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