View of combine during wheat harvestEden Valley Guest Ranch and its partner, Dry Gulch Farms strive to preserve the culture and heritage of the Okanogan Highlands.  The Ranch and Farm provides a window into the history and current state of American Family Farming. This active agricultural operation raises cattle, small grains, hay and timber.  It also provides abundant wildlife habitat and a reserve to numerous species of birds and animals. In addition, the farm provides a home for various other animals.  Antique and classic equipment dating from from the 1930s through the present is used for all practices and can be seen in action at various times through the year.

Farming has changed over the years with extensive use of science and research.  Farmers are educated and able to perform many careers in one.  See our history of farming.

Ask for a window tour or take one of our narrated hikes to learn more about an introduction to conservation production agriculture, variable rate technology for low till farming or timber management.

As the older generations left farming the younger generation became very educated.  The stereotypes of the grass chewing simple farmer in overalls is very wrong.  There is no such thing outside of Hollywood.  Science in farming has always been important and as more research has been performed in soil health, genetics, weeds, chemicals, climate change, machinery, the human element, and a myriad of other subjects, farmers' resumes cover many pages.  Many farmers still have to also be welders, electricians, plumbers, bookkeepers, cooks, truck and equipment drivers, and more.  Currently variable rate technology (VRT) and use of electronic control systems, GPS, computers, weather monitors, and other technical aspects require farmers to not only know more, but do more.  We at Eden Valley Guest Ranch and Dry Gulch Farms deal with all of the above.  We can provide workshops to groups interested in learning more out side of our busy seasons.