Mature Soft White Winter WheatOur farm operation for Eden Valley is known as Dry Gulch Farms.  We grow soft white winter wheat which is planted in August of one year and harvested in August of the next year.  The wheat sprouts, grows to about 4 inches and then goes dormant for winter.  There are a number of processes to perform and problems to avoid to achieve healthy wheat.


Winter wheat harvest occurs here in August.

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Dry Gulch Farms utilizes a procedure known as summer fallow.  Straw is tilled into the soil, which controls evaporation and promotes microbial activity which fixes nitrogen and helps ready other nutrients for future crops.

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Farming Challenges

Our mountain fields range in elevation from about 3200 feet to 3550 feet.  Elevation combined with our northeastern Washington winters creates a harsh environment for winter wheat.  Normal or above precipitation is critical for good yields and the drought years of 2001 - 2009 were difficult.


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Rock Piles

Rock piles are very interesting as they are a show case of the alluvial deposits left from our recent ice age.

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