Trail Ride Reservations

Trail Ride reservations need to be scheduled 24-hours in advance of the ride if possible with a 50% deposit.  This allows scheduling for staff and horses specific to your group.  The horses wear western saddles. We will need some information for every person in a group.  Information will include ages for children, weights of all guests, riding experience levels and any special needs.

Trail Ride Orientation & Personal Adjustments before a trail ride.Guests should arrive 15 to 20 minutes early because we have paperwork and activities we need to perform.  This also gives guests a little more time with the horses.

We will cover many details riders need to know before we do anything with a horse.  There will be some paperwork.  We will offer helmets for riders.  We will answer any questions you might have.

Beginners should arrive even earlier for additional instruction.

Wranglers answer questions covering a range of subjects about horses including, ages, breeds, western saddles, diet, health, training, how they are trained and more.