Trail SignsEden Valley Guest Ranch has miles of multi-use year round trails and we are developing more.

We have two main trail heads leading from the cabins to our trails and public lands that join us.

Many local trails are multi-use which works fine here because there are fewer trail users than in other areas.  Our local mountain trails are cooler in summer and have better snow in winter than lower elevations.  The multiple views and scenic micro-environments inspire many users to practice their photography skills.  Hiking and horseback riding are probably the most common trail users in spring, summer and fall.

Trail Heads

Trails start right at your cabin as the circular lane provides access to two main trail heads.

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Antler Alley - A Main Trail

Antler Alley is a main trail at Eden Valley Guest Ranch and branches off into many other trails.

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Log Cabin Trail - A Main Trail

The historic Eden Valley Log Cabin Trail has been on the map since 1906.  It leads south up hill from Cabin #1 through the big green Farm View gate and on to multiple other routes.

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Allowed Trail Use

Hiking and horseback riding are allowed on all our trails in spring, summer and fall.

Dogs are welcome on trails as long as they are under verbal control of their people.

Biking (both bicycles and mountain bikes), and licensed ATV's may use the Log Cabin Trail to and from the US Forest Service from late spring to September 30th at slow speeds.

In winter, cross country skiers and snowshoers are welcome most anywhere.

Snowmobiles must stay on main routes to and from the US Forest Service except for playing in the Mt. Pasture Field (about 45 acres) or the Homestead fields (about 20 acres).


Eden Valley's Trail Map

We provide guests a trail map of Eden Valley Guest Ranch trails upon check-in.  Trails are open year round.

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Eden Valley Trail Signs

We are continually working to improve our trails and signage at Eden Valley Guest Ranch.

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