Black Bear Cubs in Eden Valley, WA USAEden Valley Guest Ranch is nearly 900 acres of wildlife habitat.  We have integrated wildlife concerns into our strategic plan for the operation.  We have only ten cabins, so wildlife generally outnumber the guests.  The cabins are placed to provide guests with incredible, long range views, yet they are a small footprint on the ranch.  The farming operation provides food for birds, deer and other wildlife.  Many coyotes, and even bobcat, have been seen hunting rodents in the fields.  Hawks learn to follow the tractor or combine for an easy dinner out.  Owls replace the hawks at night with vigils on posts, trees or power poles.  One owl uses the basketball hoop by Eden Valley Lodge as its special perch.  Song birds summer in the draws, which are not cut for hay until the birds move on.  It is important that the tall grass be cut though as it creates raging paths for wildland fire later in our very dry summers riddled with lightning storms and we need the hay for livestock.

Eden Valley Guest Ranch is very unique in that we have attempted to create a balanced environment between small numbers of guests, wildlife, livestock, a variety of crops and grasslands while preserving our history.

Enhancing Habitat

Nearly 250 acres of Douglas Fir were thinned in the winter of 2005.

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Habitat Changes

The Okanogan Highlands in northeastern Washington has provided a bounty of feed to wildlife over the past 110 years.

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Eden Valley Habitat

Eden Valley Guest Ranch has a five main types of habitats which is amazing for a small ranch of just under 900 acres.

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